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1. When do you have to have a license to take x-rays in Louisiana?
Louisiana requires that you be licensed prior to exposing humans to ionizing radiation. In Louisiana we have a process where we can issue a Temporary Permit to practice to qualified applicants within three days of a properly completed application.

2. Where do you need a license to take x-rays in Louisiana?

There is no setting in Louisiana where a license is not required. You must either be licensed by this agency, the Louisiana State Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners (LSRTBE) or you may meet the qualifications for certification as a “Private” Radiologic Technologist as issued by the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners (BME). The BME has jurisdiction over persons employed by licensed physicians in that physician’s own private office. The LSRTBE has jurisdiction everywhere else. If you are licensed by the LSRTBE then you are exempt from the BME requirements.

3. Do you have to be licensed by the LSRTBE to perform ultrasound?
No. The licensing law addresses the use of ionizing radiation only. Ultrasound does not use ionizing radiation in order to obtain images.

4. Do you have to be licensed by the LSRTBE to perform MRI?

No. MRI uses the properties of magnetism to obtain images. Ionizing radiation is not employed.

5. Do Nuclear Medicine Technologists and Radiation Therapy Technologists have to be licensed in Louisiana?
Yes. We license in three distinct categories of Radiologic Technology and you have to have a license for every category in which you practice. Those are General Radiographer, Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Radiation Therapy Technologist.

6. Who can perform bone density procedures that use ionizing radiation?

We allow all three categories of licensees to perform bone densitometry.

7. Who can perform PET scans?

Only the licensed Nuclear Medicine Technologist can perform the PET scan.

8. Who can perform CT scans?

Only the licensed General Radiographer may perform a CT scan.

9. What about hybrid machines that combine PET and CT scans?

In a setting where the machine is capable of performing CT scans and PET scans independently of one another, the PET scan must be performed by the licensed Nuclear Medicine Technologist and the CT scan must be performed by the licensed General Radiographer, two categories of operators are required. The LSRTBE considers the hybrid machines to be no different than two separate machines.   On March 1, 2012 a new license category will be available called Fusion Technologist.  This is a person that holds a Nuclear Medicine license and is CT certified by the ARRT.  Please review the "Application For Fusion Technologist" located under "documents."

10.  Does Louisiana require Continuing Education in order to renew a license?
Yes.   Louisiana requires 24 credits per two-year licensing cycle.

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